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    Dreamlink T6 and Kodi Helix 14.2 - installing a repository

    Kodi Helix 14.2 and the Dreamlink T6

    If you are an experienced Kodi user then using the Kodi thru Dreamlink should not be a problem.
    This tutorial is for the new T6 owners that don't know much about Kodi

    Here we will show how to install a repository onto your T6's Kodi platform.

    -First thing is to understand is what a repository is.
    Kodi runs addons, different addon have different content. Some addons have movies and TV Shows, some are documentary shows, some are kids shows, some are function programs like the IPTV apps and Ytube and etc....
    These addons can be found one at a time online or can find groups of them in these repositories.

    -First thing we need is a source list of these repos, and I've listed a few below.
    You can install one or many, doesn't matter.

    In the tutorial below, when I say 'click on it', I mean to depress the OK button on your T6 remote control.

    Okay lets choose a repo to install.
    Lets choose

    Okay, get the Kodi Bar onscreen.
    Then on that Kodi Bar, scroll over to SYSTEMS and then highlight and click on the File Manager tab.
    Next you'll see two pages on this next ROOT screen, A and B.

    Them two pages are the same, meaning they share all info entered. So it doesn't matter which you use (that's Linux).
    Lets use the A side

    Okay, on the A Root page, scroll down to Add source and click it.

    Next you'll see an Add Files source menu screen.
    Where it says <None>, enter that URL for the metalkettle repo.

    Next Enter a name for this repo.
    It can be any name you want, it is just for your reference. You'll see on some ytube videos that people will use a dot at the beginning of the name.
    The only reason for that dot is so that the name will appear at the top of the list when viewing the list.
    You don't need the dot, it's your preference.

    I entered .metalkettle

    Okay, next hit the OK option on that screen.
    The screen should change back to that A and B pages (Root pages). And you should see the name you gave to the metalkettle repo in the list.

    Exit out back to the Kodi Bar and to SYSTEMS and to Settings, click on Settings. And then in the new menu click on the option Add-ons.
    Next menu, click on Install from zip file and find the .metalkettle name in the next menu list.
    Click on it.

    Then click on

    Let the process go, don't do anything. It should only take a few seconds.
    There should appear a message window at the bottom right of the screen saying Metalkettle is enabled.

    Now exit back to Kodi Bar and click on SYSTEMS. And now we are gonna install some MetalKettle Add-ons.

    In that same SYSTEMS menu, click on Add-ons and then click on Get Add-ons.
    Then click on the metalkettle repo and then click on Video Add-ons.
    To enable any add-on, click on one or many them to enable.
    The enabled ones should now be in the VIDEO option on the Kodi Bar.
    Click on Video Add-ons


    And by the way, save yourself some time and frustration. Get yourself a wireless mouse and plug the little USB do hicky into the T6 and then you'll have far better experience entering all the information as apposed to using the T6 remote

    When using the mouse with the T6 and Kodi, click on the the Menu button while hovering over a function with the mouse cursor and that will access certain menus (like the corsic menu).
    I think corsic is right name... it's a little pop menu that will give certain options depending on what you are hovering over.

    add-ons when finding the good ones is great
    Repos have them, find the right repo and fantastic.
    MetalKettle I choose for this tutorial because it's awesome!!
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    another good source for repo's is
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