Dreamlink T6 functions explained

I will add to this thread often to help with some of the T6 functions and understanding of them.
Any added knowledge from anyone will be appreciated too.
If yous have a function or shortcut or a menu question in mind and want to know what it is or does, post it here and we will help.

---When viewing TV channels and you want to see the Kodi Bar, use either the Exit button, Recall button or the Blue button and that will bring up the Kodi bar while still viewing whatever you may be viewing. The DEL button too, which is further mentioned below.

---To remove the Kodi bar from onscreen, simply use the Recall button or the Blue button.
The Exit button does not work to remove the onscreen Kodi bar.

---At the bottom of your remote, you will find some buttons labeled as LIVE .. VIDEO .. MUSIC .. PIC.. SYS .. V-SET .. DEL .. APPS.
These buttons are the same as what the Kodi bar has and using these buttons will take you to that menu or function. The DEL button just brings up the Kodi bar thou, and again removes it.

---There is a mouse button too and works.
Get that Kodi bar up onscreen and enable the mouse thru the remote button and you can test that it works.
Depress the mouse button again to disable it.

Onboard the T6
---To see what software Build is onboard the T6, look in the Kodi bar and in Android menu option and then in Mbox Settings option.
And again then in Other tab menu.
Look at the Build number.
Build 18 is the original factory file.
Build 20 is the second factory file.
Build 303 is first public file (test file).
Build 343 is the newest public file.
The build loaded will show in brackets... example --> (Build18)
*refer to MISC section below for more about the T6 bins and loading.

---Factory Data Reset, there are two ways you can do this.
In the Android menu (same menu we found the Mbox menu tab), is where the factory reset function can be found. There is also another place thou and may be the better of the two.

---thnx to Berns for this... In that same Android menu, go to the Mbox setting and scroll over to Other tab and click ok on remote. Then down to More Setting. Scroll down to Backup and reset... click ok on remote on it. Go to Factory Data Reset.
Let the box do its thing. May take a bit.

---thnx XDarkSideX for helpful post... C/P --> Dolby Digital switches automatically when changing form an SD channel to an HD channel.

---Closed Caption does not work at this time.

---The dl300 is the HD card with the T6

---To edit or delete parental lock channels... On the Kodi Bar, click OK on the System tab. Then OK on Live TV. Then OK on General tab, then select Channel Manager.
That's where you will find the Parental Edit Options.

---thnx spykey for helpful post... C/P --> How to select the aspect ratio?
On the remote control press: INFO, then select the film logo which is seen onscreen, bottom right.
Then view mode.

--- when using more then one server, and you switch to a channel supported by only one server, your T6 will automatically switch servers to the one the channel works with. You must have both servers On thou.

--- up to 13 servers can be entered and used.
One at a time or simultaneously.

--- if you change server settings (setting one or another to On or Off for example), and then next upon exiting that server menu, you will again see the EPG uploading message appear at top right of the blue Kodi screen. If you scroll over on the Kodi bar and click on TV and then Channels, the EPG will have loaded by then. It is very fast. But if you are even faster by intention, you can get there before the Channels are ready

---DiSEqC Setup is found in System Kodi bar tab and then in Satalite and then in Channel Search and then in Antenna Setup slot.
The DiSEqC selections are 1.0 and 1.1 ... there is no 1.2 or 1.3 or USALS, which means this T6 does not yet work with a motorized setup.
Maybe in future bins.

---While viewing a TV channel, you can use the EPG button on the remote. That will give you a list of what is on that one channel only.
---While viewing a TV channel, you can use the OK button on the remote. That will give you a list of all channels with only what's on at that moment.
---While viewing a TV channel go to the Kodi bar TV option and then EPG. That is where you will get an EPG with a timeline (TV Guide). There is a hidden tab over on the left side of the screen when in the EPG TV Guide menu. To open it, just scroll left with the arrow button on remote. Exit the hidden menu by scrolling right. The Recall or Back button will open the Hidden menu as well, but first time opening that menu, you need to scroll left.
---Doesn't seem to populate the TV Guide EPG for more then what's on next thou. Still looking into that some more.

---110w and 119w TPs are current and correct. The only thing is that the Spot Beam TP Frequencies are there and they are doubled up, one is the 20000 Symbol Rate and other is the 21500 S/R. Neither will scan any working channels, but either one may show a signal. Spot Beams are not needed .. but no harm that they are there.

---When locked, the meter bars change to a bright light blue color on this TV. An when not locked they are a crimson red color.
Signal bars are quick to respond to any changes being made.

---thnx Veslick for helpful post... C/P --> On the page where you scan for your Sat's at the top you will see "AUTO" with an up & down arrow change that to manual Then you can edit the transponders.

---thnx tonyd33 for helpful post... C/P --> One thing i noticed when i set up my box is that it wasn't set at 8psk under the modulation setting. To check that you have to change search mode to manual and go down to modulation tab and make sure its at 8psk. If you leave search mode in auto scan setting you wont see the modulation tab.

--Channel Search Tab--
Search Mode - Auto Scan or Manual Scan.
Options below is what you'll find while in Auto scan mode.....

Select Satellite - the list starts at 0.8w Thor5/6 Intelsat C-Band and goes to 180E Intelsat18 C-Band, and includes all sats in between . Includes both Linear and Circularsats and includes both Ku-Band sats and C-Band sats.

Antenna Setup
--- LNB Type includes...
Single -with various settings
Legacy Twin 1
Legacy Twin 2
Legacy Quad 1
Legacy Quad 2
--- DiSEqC Mode
Single DiSEqC 1.0
Single DiSEqC 1.1
--- Legacy SW
--- LNB Power
--- 22KHz Tone

Delete Channel
---This function will delete all the channels on the selected satalite.
To delete single channels, follow guide linked below, credit to poroto40

Manual Scan
--- options to adjust and edit
*select Satellite
*select Transponder from the list
*select TP Frequency by entering the value
*select Symbol rate
*select Polarity
*select Modulation and can search and can delete channels from this Manual Scan menu too. The Search option would search only the one TP frequency currently selected.

Tvheadend htsp client
---this means a few things far as I can tell. Mainly it's telling you the server is down or a channel is scrambled. No communication between htsp client and server or one particular channel.
If on a channel with a weak signal, there is the chance that TVHeadend may disconect. Turning the channel should get connected again.

---thnx glen1971 for helpful post... C/P --> TVHeadend HTSP Client can tell you: Scrambled channel or No sat signal or Client connection lost, (see post below).

--- Software files when unpacked for the T6 are recognized with the .bin extension

--- To load .bin files correctly, follow the path as shown below.
SYSTEMS -- Android -- System Updater

--- If your T6 comes with the Build 18 showing as the file onboard, then load the most recent factory file first, before any other file is loaded.
The newest factory file at this time, is the R20
Load files as per instructions. The factory data reset is very important to perform after each file has been successfully loaded.

--- To access or edit an add-on, to change it`s Label Name...
Highlight the name without clicking on it.
Then with it still highlighted, click the MENU button on the remote control.
A small menu will appear, click Add-ons settings.
There you will see the Label Name.
Change it there.