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    Have some great info to read

    Recently, we had 2 updates.

    1. we found some issue with static ip address users, which make screen stuck while boot up, so we fixed.
    2. There was big system update about 150mb, this is effect to only plus version. It is for major system update to make
    work both, stalker and nova. Once all the update is done, we will start to realease Nova. We estimate around Jan 10-15.
    So, all the plus user can swithch either nova or stalker. We also provide other version nova as an app.

    3. In few days, mickyhop will open the page for upload file, if there is anyone want to make app in our box, they can upload
    apk file, then it will autometically convert to loading file for our box. Loading file is under "Local media". Once you
    put the file on usb drive, and plug in while open local media, it will show up the loading file. You can install it.
    some great news

    Thanks avov keep the info coming and Dave to

    Take a look at this
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