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    IPTV: Username & Password Authentication



    In order to improve the service security and stability we will implement the
    username and password authentication starting onFebruary 1st, the username and password will be the donation number tied to your MAC Address, this information was provided in your order details. In case you don't know your username or password please get in contact with your provider to avoid loss of service.
    Those who purchased directly from us can find their username and password using the following form:

    A new version of the STB Emulator and PVR Stalker (KODI Addon) will be released very soon to ensure full compatibility,
    is highly recommended to update to the latest version once it's available and always use our custom version of both applications.

    The IPTV Stalker (KODI Addon) won't be supported anymore, unless its creator makes the necessary fixes to be compatible with our system.

    Hope you understand the objetive of this security measure and we apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause to you.

    Best regards,
    NFPS Staff.
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    To clarify, this affects all supported servers... NFPS, Rocket and IPTV66.
    See this about Kodi addons for the service:

    For PVR Authentication issues go here:



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