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    What you have to do i hook it up to your HD TV via the HDMI cable first. From the home screen count the number of right button pushes you have to do to get to settings (5), then hit enter (remember, you will be doing all this on a screen where you can't see anything so right down the count combination from the TV you can see the screen from). Now that you are in settings, count the number of right button pushes you have to make to get to display (3), hit enter. If all has gone right so far and you've not over pushed any buttons on the remote then you should be in the display settings now. Now push down 1 time you will be on mode; hit enter. The mode options will come up. Now you will need to remember where the green dot was from when you viewed this on your HDTV and move the up button however many counts that it takes to get to the option "automatically lock"; push enter. If all went right your screen will now pop in on your analog TV and you should be able to see the screen now. select "keep" and you're done.
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