This tutorial is based on previous experience with Username/Password Authentication on a MAG 254 / AVOV VIXO 1 / TVOnline+ units

For MAG units:

When your Username/Password Authentication is implemented I suggest rebooting your device.

If IPTV66 is your only Portal, your device will automatically boot into the IPTV66 Portal. If you have multiple portals select the IPTV66 portal, and it will load.

You will now see the Authentication Bar load up in the background, but you will now be prompted to enter your Username (Donation #), once you enter that hit OK.

You will now be prompted to enter your Password (Donation #), once again you will have to hit OK. In some cases it will look like you have entered your Password incorrectly with a red "X".

This is ok, all you have to do it reset your MAG device at this point, and reload the portal. The Authentication Bar will pop up on the screen and will load like normal into the IPTV66 portal. You should only be prompted to enter your Username/Password (Donation #) once per MAC change. If you are prompted for your Username/Password more than once it is likely you have entered the incorrect information.

A reboot is recommended after Authentication details have been entered in correctly.


AVOV units:

If you already have the IPTV66 server information in your device, go to the settings area where you enter all your Portal information to log into IPTV66 servers.

At this point all you will have to do is edit your current information and hit the "Use Credentials" field and this will give you access to enter your Username/Password (Donation #). Save your information and reboot your device. It should connect without issue at this point.

As for specific details on AVOV TVonline V2 / AVOV TVonline+ / AVOV VIXO 1 / AVOV VIXO 2 I would suggest looking in the AVOV section on the forums for further assistance. The above information is the general guide to adding Username/Password Authentication to those units.