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    IPTV Service HELP After UPDATE.

    1. Remember your username and password, is your Donation number.. the one you linked your mac address to, when you first purchased the service.

    2. If you are getting an error, by trying to log in.. Please Reset your IPTV, this is done by inputting your order number and donation, and clicking "Reset IPTV", after that is done, try logging in again.

    For Rocket visit:

    For NFPS visit:

    For IKS66 visit:

    3. For AVOV Users, we ARE AWARE of the connection issues and working very hard to fix it up along with the NFPS Staff, please help us by posting in the following threads if your problem is the "B".

    A) If your avov is running fine, but keeps asking you for username and password each single time, then go to "Settings" - > Select the Server 1 (or the one you're using) -> and then check the credentials box, and fill "Username and password", this should be your donation number, click connect and thats it.. its gonna be saved.

    B) Go to this thread and help us.

    4. For Android Users, using STB Emulator make sure your emulator is sending up the Device ID information, learn how below:

    A) this should work if your STB Emulator connects but doesn't bring up the channels.

    1) Reset your IPTV Donation as above.

    2) Go to Settings -> Profile -> Your Profile Name -> Device ID in the application menu.

    3) Make sure that the option "Send Device ID to Service Provider" is checked.

    4) Reload the application.

    5) The Application should now be functional.

    5. For KODI users, getting Device ID Mismatch.

    A) You must create the correct device id for your addon, this is a new security feature in order to prevent the extraction of our channels.

    First go to this site:
    B) Now generate a unique key that you will use as the device ID, You must create it using your MAC, Serial Number and Donation Number in the "Data" field with the following format:

    which responds to:
    MAC Address - Serial Number - Donation Number

    C) Once you have entered the information into the data field make click on "Calculate SHA256 Hash" and you will get a key like this:

    93822bec02caa9cf8981dd487ab0ac 739144e52ab5d62375a7 a98498cb9351b1

    D) Copy this key and paste it into your addon settings in the device id section.

    E) Do an IPTV Reset to your donation number using the following forms depending on your service:

    F) - Reload KODI and try again your addon.

    If you are experiencing any other issues do not mind to make a thread inside your box section and describe your problem.
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