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    Quote Originally Posted by psycon View Post
    honestly, dont waste your money on a Mag, IMHO they suck and are slow as hell , and i have a feeling their new ones wont be much better.. they overcharge for a device that is slow, has jsut enough processor and ram to watch tv, nothing more.. yet they charge 2-3 times the price of a android box that has 4-5 times the power.
    I totally disagree...finally switched to mag254 last fall and the speed was twice as fast as using kodi to watch tv...and the video quality vastly improved..I would recommend a MAG to anyone over kodi
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    please can someone post where to buy mag351/mag352


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    infomir website still shows the Mag351/352 .... In Development

    There is a telephone number shown there.
    I guess it could be used to find out when this box is to appear.

    The 351 and 352 will have one major difference. The Mag352 with have the DRM Secure Media onboard (which can not be altered and any modified software file other then factory can not be installed onto these DRM versions of the Mag boxes, which means options like public iptv will not be available on those models).
    DRM - Secure Media, Verimatrix Advanced Profile.

    You may have noticed that most, not all but most Mag models come in sets of two.

    Mag254 and Mag255
    Mag256 and Mag257
    Mag351 and Mag352

    In all the examples shown above, the higher number in each set, are the Secure Media, Verimatrix Advanced Profile versions.

    ask the dealer to be sure.
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