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    Search for Rockets or NFPS donations requires order number/e-mail


    As a security measure starting on April 5th the "Search Donation" form will require the E-Mail address or the Order Number and the Donation number to be able to consult a Donation number:

    Without this information you wont be able to check your donation status, link a MAC address, change the current MAC or make IPTV reset. If you bought from a Reseller please ask him for the information specified as "Donation Client" because that's what you will have to use instead of the E-Mail or the Order number in order to be able to consult your donation number.

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    This function is now in effect. The e-mail address has to be the same one that the order number and other donation details were sent to you.
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    See this about Kodi addons for the service:

    For PVR Authentication issues go here:



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