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    R363 110, 119, 129 Transponder Update

    credit to kleem

    This is an update for firmware R363 to correct the transponder settings for 110, 119, and 129. You MUST have R363 flashed to your box prior to this update. Don't try to flash the R363 firmware with the included recovery.img as it won't work. The recovery has been patched with the google public key so that the update bin passes verification.


    1. Flash R363 firmware in the usual manner.
    2. unzip attachment to a usb stick and place into unit.
    3. Turn the unit off by the back power switch and perform a recovery boot (turn on switch with vol down, followed by vol up)
    4. After recovery loads choose ->apply update from EXT ->update from udisk ->DT6_R363_TP_Update.bin. If verification fails it means the stock recovery was loaded instead of included recovery.
    5. After update is finished do a ->wipe data/factory reset. This step is 100% essential since the kodi apk has been modified.
    6. Reboot system now. Enjoy!

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