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    Post Avov TVONLINE 4 - Laser's Take

    Right out of the Box:

    Beautiful designed box, compact and sleek. Small remote, free HDMI Cable and an distinct kind of power cord.

    Set up:

    Plug and play, a little confused with the "PLAY" Icon which is really IPTV (set-up, Live TV, VOD all roll into one), Mickey's Market is smaller but just the necessary hopefully they will add on more, setting screen is self explanatory.


    Fast changing Channels, Picture quality is really nice, VOD, EPG is limited or non existant, no recording (yet).


    • Fast- really fast
    • Picture quality, 4K availability
    • Modern design blends well with your entertainment system
    • User Friendly
    • Support- Don't believe what a small minority post, they support their boxes and work to correct any issues
    • APPS

    -Kodi App that upgrades easily to the next version without the need to backup/restore well ladies and gentlemen that is priceless, also Movie25 which is my favorite app besides from kodi.


    • EPG guide really does not work up to standard
    • Volume movement sounds can be a little annoying
    • Limited apps compare to other Avov devices

    My Take: Let me start by saying that I usually don't install the Kodi addon for IPTV, it's to me redundant since the device comes with their already build in version, so It does not have EPG but most of the time I already know what programs I'm going to watch and at what time, So I can't record- well that why i have Video Addons on Kodi with better resolution usually. I believe is reasonably price, for two plain reasons: First reason I'm not a beginner at kodi programs/addons but I don't have the time and patience to built a box from scratch, I could be doing better things like playing xbox or actually watching tv. Second reason is Support-people may tell you that you can get cheaper if you built it yourself but if you do you have to maintained it, trust on this I had given many Android boxes to friends and family that are not technically savvy that I have to maintain for them. And by maintain i mean upgrade to the new Kodi version bc some addons don't work with older versions, upgrade to new Stalker program. Don't get me wrong if you are happy being bother by people to fix their device or enjoy spending time working on your box well save yourself money and built your own. I'm a simple man that just likes to watch TV so this device makes sense. Now regarding the specs of the device, people get technical on me but the bottom line is it works, it works fast, it has great features, great picture and little maintenance and at the end that is all it matters to me. I'm not going to compare this device with other brands because each device has their strengths and weaknesses. That being said TVONLINE 4 delivers and I'm a happy owner.
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