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    Can you please take all of the ********** posts off?

    It doesn't make any sense to keep all these posts from psycon's ********** if he is no longer part of the team. It only confuses people on here who are reading to get a guide working********** doesn't help any. Is there anyway to keep only the new relevant stuff and delete all the old ********** that no longer belongs or works on here. Is still have no guide using Kodi's built in stalker client with******** url Just a suggestion. If anyone knows of a new way to get a guide working with Kodi's built in stalker client without using ********** url please let me know where I can find it. Ilan pointed me to post #5 but I'm on a cellphone and I can't see those #'s on the posts. So if you can please post a link to post #5 that would help a lot. Unfortunately I don't have a pc so those post #'s don't show up on my Android cell phone. Thank you
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    Much of that material was from the days when the guide was being developed. For those with an interest in creating their own guide, it is still a valuable resource. Here is a direct link to #5.
    Beginner's Guide for Rocket, NFPS and IKS66...

    Kodi Options for Rocket, NFPS and IKS66...

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