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    log-in credentials for iptvrocket

    -Order number is 16 digits -- for iptvrocket
    -Donation number is 12 digits -- for iptvrocket

    The Donation number is also the Username and Password and is what you enter onto your iptv device for login credentials.
    The same 12 digit Donation number for both.

    -The login credentials at the (papiao) website are a bit different then what your receiver login asks for..

    At the website, click on the Check Rockets tab.

    There under that tab, you will see 2 lines that need to be filled in.

    --First line... They give you 3 choices, you only need one of the three.
    1. Donation Client -you would need to use this option if bought from a re-seller. Your re-seller should have given you this Client ID.
    2. Order ID -this is the 16 digit Order number.
    3. Email - email used to make the original Order from source. Buying from a re-seller is not the original Order or source. But, if you have your resellers email addy, which he used for original transaction, then that will work to fill in this line... cause it is what the line asks for.

    --Second line... You only get one choice.
    Rocket Donation - 12 digit number.

    There will also be a box to check, proving you are not a robot, and always wait for the captcha to run its course.
    Then lastly, click the Search Donation tab.

    With the next window that opens, you can see all the client-server info needed.
    Can also check or change your attached MAC address here and also is where the IPTV Reset function is found.
    If you change your MAC address, then after that has completed , you will need to log back into that window again and perform a reset. This is because, after saving a new MAC addy and before a reset can be performed, you will be booted outta that window, that is how it saves the new MAC addy.
    The reset function also needs to be performed if you change your IP connection.
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