1 - What is IPTV Talk?
First, this is the biggest IPTV related forum around, yes, we are glad to help people, and have tons of information, and being one of the longest living communities around that started from FTA, which is TV via Satellite but that is now pretty much dead and its good, because technology always makes our life easier and simpler.

from now on, you can be part of our family too!!, help the community, share your knowledge, and please PRESENT yourself, tell us where you come from, what you are doing here, and anything else we should know.

2 - What is IPTV?

IPTV Means something weird, but basically it means IP (which is some kind of address, like your home address but in Internet), and TV (Television) both united mean Television over Internet, and that's pretty much it, it is about to watch TON of Sports, TV Shows, TV Series, alot of Movies, all latest releases, HBO, Cinemax, Playboy, Starz, BBC, RAI, CNN, Weather Network, Movie Channels, ESPN, in short, yes you can have it all, keep on reading.

3 - What Services do you offer, is it FREE?
Well, im sorry to tell you all of this is not FREE, but it is really CHEAP, and it will help you to CABLE CUT, this means that your cable company, which probably sucks, and takes alot of your money will be out of play.

for example, Comcast costs $50 per month, Time Warner $65 per month, etc; this is EXPENSIVE. and we need that money for BEERS not CABLE.

In short our service cost $80 usd per year, this changes sometimes in the year depending on market, and yep you need a BOX (We call a box, an electronic device that connects your TV to the Internet to get you Channels and movies!).

The Box costs like $100, and the service is $80. Now we have a number, You need $180 usd to get started.

4 - What is Cable Cutting?
is telling your cable company to go fuck yourself, is taking the reins of your life, is doing what MATTERS THE MOST.

5 - is it OPEN, Censured, or so?
It is OPEN, anyone can get here, register, introduce theirselfs, and share, contribute to the community. BUT there is one magic rule to be in the happy place, do not promote, ask, or talk about other IPTV services, which is really not needed because we have some kind of monopoly in the market, and all other services sucks, so now you have pretty much of the basic information.

Yes this is unfair, we are assholes, but we are also good people, with the best information around, so get used to it, and be part of the assholes team.

6 - Where can i get the Service?

Those are the three official sites, the first two sell our service by year and the last sells monthly too.

7 - Why your site has ADS?
Well for Beer money of course, we love beer.

8 - What's next?
Stop asking questions we'll respond them all, and register, then go to STEP 2.