If you let your rocket donation expire. go to iks rocket site . buy a renewal. click on Check Rockets. put in your email address &your expired donation #. checkmark the list so your not a robot. if the mac address is all 0's put in the mac address from your stb. the number is usually underneath. if its all worn out and you cannot read it. its also available in the settings under device info by searching it with your remote control of your box.your mac adress needs to be retyped that's it.
change your numbers to match your box. 00:1a:79:00:00:00 or 00:1a:78:00:00:00. 79 for mags or 78 for emulators.if you have an android or emulator with 6 sets of numbers and letters . just use the last 3 sets. because all boxes start with 00:1a:79 or 00:1a:78
once your mac address is on correctly on the rocket site . your tv is back up.