Welcome to the Jungleee (Axel Rose voice)!!! jeje sorry. PPl, you need to calm down. First of all, from my experience, frezzing issues not always been related to bad internet connection. It could be happening for some other reasons like putting some incorrect settings, cache memory full, some addon doing update, also an malfunctioning operating system, etc. And everything can be resolved in some way. For example, I have this clients that went to bought for themselves a cheap 1 Gb ram box because they "know what they were doing, finding the best deal ever". Guess what, they ask me to set up their boxes, and start getting frezzing issues. Now they got to buy one of my 2 Gb Amlogic boxes and 0 complaint at all. And this is just an example of many, many others that I can share. So please, stop bashing the service, if something is happening on the server end, they would tell assuring things will get well soon. So for now, check your specs, if you're running the channels on Kodi, I recommend the STB emu. Happy holidays!!