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    Thumbs up Troublesome Channels - The Hit List

    *Updated January 15

    There may be some channels that take longer to load then others.
    Times can be from 2 seconds up to 10 seconds. If longer then 12 seconds, then do not wait any longer as it will not load.

    There seem to be certain channels that are more trouble-some then others...

    --ITV channels @ 78 *************Improved
    --USA Network HD @ 105 **********Improved
    --TVLand @ 106
    --IFC East @ 133****************Improved
    --TSN channels 145 thru 149
    --Fox News Channel @ 205 & 206 ****Improved
    --UFC Network ******************Improved
    --Bravo Channel *****************Improved
    --BT Sports channels *************Improved
    --Setanta Sports
    --News 12 channels @ 217 thru 223 **Improved
    --Disney Jr channel @172 *********Improved
    --Outdoor Channel @ 396
    --Travel Channel @ 196
    --HGTV (was recently voted the number 3 channel in most watched channels) **Improved
    --Sports Network NY @ 439
    --ZeeTV @ 1403
    --Telemundo @ 7781
    --Sky Sports channels **************Improved
    --Comcast Sports Net Bay Area @ 429 is showing an ESPN station
    --7778 wapa 2 thru 7817 Teleisla -(Boricua channels)
    --Punto2 @ 7808
    -- Science Channel @ 193

    8830 - Miami ABC -up
    8832 - Miami NBC -up
    8833 - Miami Fox -up

    -Star Plus

    -1402 Colors
    -1403 Zee TV
    -1404 Sony
    -1405 Sab TV
    -1406 AajTak
    -1407 Rishtey
    -1408 Jus Punjabi
    -1409 Sanskar TV
    -1410 Astha TV
    -1411 Sony India
    -1412 Willow
    -1413 B4U Movies

    -1422 Halla Bol! HD
    -1423 India Today
    -1424 MH1
    -1425 PTC Punjabi
    -1426 PTC Chak De
    -1427 PTC Punjabi..
    -1428 Zee Punjabi
    -1429 9x Tashan
    -1430 Sahara One
    -1431 Tamilan TV
    1432 Jaya Plus
    -1433 ARY Zauq
    -1434 Samay
    -1435 PlayMax
    -1436 Dunya
    -1437 Geo TV

    AMC, H2 and both FX
    Fox Sports Southwest
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    Thank you for taking the time to test all the channels. I agree that a lot of the channels are working good and with little to no buffering but it seams like I only watch the ones which are down. When you get a chance can you test TSN 1, 3 and 5. Its been very choppy for me over the last few days. 1 and 5 I think are the same feed if you notice in the top left part of the screen there is a G on the screen for some reason. Also TSN 3 is usually good but the sound is delayed by about 1.5 to 2 seconds. Its not realy noticable when they are showing sports but when they go to the announcers or commercials its very noticeable. Thanks again and hope that this list can be kept up to date giving everyone a quick reference to check before complaining.


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    hey Crazed chan 206 is up but that is Fox Buisness Chan 205 is Fox news chan
    and is down



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