Term Life (2016)
Crime, Drama, Thriller
Stars: Vince Vaughn, Hailee Steinfeld, Bill Paxton

Term Life is based on an "adult" graphic novel (from Image Comics) written by Andy Lieberman and illustrated by Nick Thornborrow. Lieberman himself adapted the screenplay, and along with director Peter Billingsley, they were able to create a very entertaining movie which makes the comic justice despite altering many of its elements. Some changes are small details, while other ones substantially change the premise (the affairs of the life insurance and the 21 days are barely mentioned in the film). However, the differences ended up being irrelevant, because Term Life made me have quite a good time and left me satisfied.

-end CP-

Okay, firstly I am not a big Vince Vaughn fan.
His work in them stupid dumb ass comedies always gave me a distaste. Yes, he can be funny and can do a decent role at it.
But to think of Vince Vaughn in a serious role and doing great, is like thinking about Rodger Rabbit trying to snub out an oil well that is burning outta control.
Just does not happen.

But... Vince Vaughn is fantastic in this role.
I was so pleased.

It is about a crook, but a smart crook. He never got his hands dirty. But chit happens when you are a crook and he did figure some stuff out at which he seemed to be a part of. That involved some bad dudes, and in walks Bill Paxton. What an evil crook Bill Paxton has proytrayed recently in movies.
Anyway, the movie goes thru Vince having to keep his estranged daughter save and in that process ends up knowing his daughter for the first time and that was something he had missed. I really liked the job Vince did in this role, I can not say that enough.
The ending was kinda anti climatic and got a little slow... but the very ending came back to the dad and his daughter and again that made everything alright
The role of the daughter was good too, very strong character.

Enjoyed this movie