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    Firefox says -- Couldn't load XPCOM

    Are you using Mozzilla FireFox Browser ?
    If so, then if you do not already, then you may want to get yourself a second Browser for back up.

    I experienced this just the other day but the issue has been known for a few years now.
    What happened is that my laptop crashed and once I got back up and running correctly again, the Firefox browser would not start up.
    It gave me an error alert on startup -- Firefox says "couldn't load XPCOM"
    So that sucked. I did not even known what that was. So good thing I had a Google Chrome Browser previously installed cause I needed to go searching for a fix for that firefox error.

    Lesson learned that a second Browser is a damn good idea to have on any PC

    That error can be fixed in two ways. There is a third way, but you would have to get into code and can easily screw things up worse and it also erases all your previous browser settings you may have had.

    -One way is to re-install FireFox, with no need to delete any old versions, just re-install a new version or even your same version you currently have. This will not erase your Browser settings or history.

    -Second way I seen online posted by dinosauregg at a info help site.

    quote dinosauregg ...
    I would have to assume that the problem was (somehow) caused by the crashing of my Windows 8 and that (somehow) removing Firefox from the Win 8 startup folder, rebooting, then putting Firefox back into the startup folder, and then rebooting, has put things back where they used to be. Somewhat strange, but hopefully the above may be of use to someone else with a similar problem in the future. Many regards to all.
    end quote

    Dinosauregg had been with Windows 8 ... but I do not think it matters which Windows OS you have.
    This happened to my Firefox after the laptop crashed and that was with Vista

    That second Browser saved me
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    Awesome, a replacement is always helpful, i use 4 browsers
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