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    Are you having Order Issues ? Check this thread

    Any issues with Orders, please left click my name or Marley's name and send a private message.

    --If it is about an Order, please include the following information
    Date Paid =
    Your Email =
    Server Website used =
    Amount Paid =
    Order or Donation number (if known) =
    Which online Gateway was used, Payease, epay or Globebill ?
    What is the trouble ?

    --If its about a MAC or an IPTV Reset, please include the following
    MAC =
    Donation number & email =
    IPTV service =

    --If its about a MAC Already Exists message or MAC Banned message, then we will need to send a snapshot picture of the MAC from your receiver (either from a stickier that may be on the box or from screenshot of the receivers menu with the MAC addy showing).
    Use a file host site, like and upload your pic there. Then copy the link (shared link) and send that shared link to me, and also include the MAC, the Donation Number & your Email & the IPTV service

    **If you are waiting on a response from me and its been 12 hours since we last talked, send me another message.
    Please always include the info I would need, in each new message so I do not have to search old messages for any needed information. That takes too much of my time which is needed elsewhere.
    And also, my message box gets emptied often, so that info is lost unless you give it to me again, if needed.

    Please do not send me any questions about channels or equipment issues or STB Blocked.
    That information can be found in the open forums.

    thnx guys and gals

    Please guys and gals, include everything I ask for in one message.
    And do not add tags, such as Colors or Bold tags.. they just make my time with one message increase, as I have to delete all them tags.

    This morning I received this one email from administration asking for a missing piece of information... because a member did not include everything I needed, I had to go searching thru old messages to find that member again, but after some time looking thru old emails and messages, I did not find what I needed and now that member is not getting any help, which I have no control over (unless he messages me back on his own accord or by chance his order pans out and it comes to him thru email).
    This sort of thing happens often .

    My messages are deleted often, but I try to save the most recent so I can look back on them if need... But they do get deleted.

    Please add the info in the form(s) I provided (shown above in post #1)
    Just sending me all the info in random sentences does not help me. I still need to copy it and paste into the provided areas (which takes up lots of time if having to do that for every message)
    Please include what I ask for, it is to your benefit and my sanity

    Please do not send messages to both Marley and myself, with the same Order issues. All that does is increase the email load for the server admin and in turn then doubles the time spent with emails. This does not help you, all it does is increase the time.
    So please, if it is an Order issue, only send it to one of us, thnx

    MAC linking requests can be sent to both of us thou. These are dealt with directly by Marley or myself, so that is not a problem.
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