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    How to use the iptvRocket Playlist on Avov

    Visit the thread shown linked above. That will explain the new Playlist format that is now an option with your iptv Rocket service.

    First thing you have to do is visit and log onto your Rocket code using your 16 digit Order number and your 12 digit Rocket Donation.

    Once you are loged on to your Rocket, use the Change MAC function that is found there and blank out your MAC address (it will change to 00:00:00:00:00:00). Once that is done, you will see a Playlist selection, click on that and a drop down menu will appear.
    Scroll down thru that and choose Generic M3U
    Now you will see an http address appear there just below where your MAC had once been (which now would show as all zeros).
    Now either copy that address and paste it into your Browsers address bar, (But open another browser tab to do that so your Rocket webpage stays intact).
    Or you can highlight the link and left click on it and choose .... Open in New Tab.
    Next you will see a hotlink appear, choose Save.
    Then once saved to your computer, go to it and load it onto a clean USB stick which has been formatted to fat32.

    Next, we will be setting up your Avov with a Playlist Player.
    I had thought I could just insert the USB with my Generic m3u file and it would load and run right from the Avov Home Media folder, but seems it will not recognize the m3u file on the USB drive... funny because I was sure I ran m3u files like that before on thses Avovs
    But anyway....
    In this tutorial we are gonna use the Simple IPTV plugin and it can be found in nthe Avov's Market.
    Go find it and Install it.

    Next, insert USB device into Avov receiver and open the Simple IPTV pluggin
    You should see the USB device in the left hand side File Manager menu.
    Open USB and find your Playlist and open it.

    When you open the Playlist for the first time. You will then see the loading indicator, let it load.
    Here is where I thought it was stuck because the loading indicator just kept indicating that loading was in progress and never seemed to stop. So with that Channel List still highlighted, I hit the OK button again and then the channels appeared on the left screen.
    Exit out of the menu now. ANd that Simple IPTV ssplash screen will appear, Hit the OK button and that should take you the channels. Click a channel, you are done

    You can also link back your MAC at anytime you want to go back to the original way to view Rocket iptv channels.

    IPTV Live TV channels and VOD movie selections are included in these PLaylists.
    There is no EPG (Electronic Program Guide) as of yet.
    The EPG may come at a later date, once time permits.

    Very important ...
    Do not share these Playlists. They are linked to your Rocket and password, with the password even being included in that http address.
    If NFPS sees that a channel from your access is being streamed from more the one device and same time, your Rocket will be stopped and you will be banned from the service.

    So play nice with your Playlists

    All Lve TV channels and the VOD are included with these Playlists.

    And with this Simple IPTV Pluggin, I could not get the Generic M3U Plus version to load, but the non-plus version did load fine (Generic M3U)

    The Plus version includes tags and logos

    And also, you can play this same Playlist thru a Kodi app if you prefer. Dara has the info on that. I tried it as well on the Avov and does work fine, just a bit more setup involved.

    And I also tried the VLC Player on the AVov but it just sat there a spun its wheels and never recognized my USB device

    Quote Originally Posted by dara View Post

    To get the Playlist Loader to work, "Add a new list", select "Remote-List (URL), and Paste the link (Click None, None, and 0, as there is no logo file for now to link to).
    Conceivably, you could use the PVR IPTV Simple Client in Kodi, by pasting the link in the M3U Play List URL as well.
    You can also edit these Playlists on your PC or laptop (delete unwanted channels or VODs).
    Create an exact copy of the original (or just save your work renamed, then the original will still be available) and then open one of the playlists in note-pad or word-pad and delete the channels you do not want.
    Save and rename and Ensure it stays as an .m3u file (not a .txt file) and also is kept encoded as UTF-8 (for this Generic M3U file).
    If you are not sure if it saved as an .m3u file, just right click on the file and select Properties and check file type there.
    There are some Playlist Channel editors that make the process faster. The VLC Media Player will even allow you to edit them.
    With the VLC on laptop you can start editing a list as easy as that.
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