With the T6, you can not delete just one channel or a few channels, thru the receiver menus.
You can delete all the scanned channels on any given satalite.

Kodi bar then SYSTEM and Satelite and in Channel Search menu, look for Delete Channel.

That function deletes all the channels on the chosen satelite.
The factory data reset will also delete all channels, from all sats at once. And would also erase or delete any Kodi add-ons you may have added.

There is another option in the T6 menus that allows you to choose individual channels to delete, but that does not work for sat channels. That is an IPTV function.

LIVE TV and in Channel Manager

Since this T6 is connected to your network thou, there is another way and does work.
poroto40 showed us this


Enter the above into your web browser address bar, but replace the ********** with the Dreamlink`s network IP

Find the T6 IP thru SYSTEMS and in System Info and Network

Once you open the address, a HTS Tvheadend page will appear.

-click Configuration tab
-click Channel / EPG tab give it a second or two to populate.
-highlight the channel to be deleted and find the Delete Selected tab

This works.
Takes awhile thou, as you can only delete one channel at a time, or unless I missed the way to delete groups of them.

You can do this while watching satalite TV channels.
You do the work on your PC or LapTop and just exit and it will be done on your T6 at same time. You might have to exit and re-enter the EPG menu to see the changes.

Save the web page in your favorites, for easy access.

thnx poroto