Thnx for this quick tutorial goes to Pogisinats

I happened to load my T6 with very bad add-on. What happened next is that it won't go through Kodi after the HI was shown on the box panel.I thought my box is already dead. I resurrected it though the following procedure:

1) turn-off the box at the back.
2) While holding the down volume button in the front, I turned the back switch on and the ---- appeared in the front panel.
3) Then I pushed the up (volume) button and waited for about 5-10 seconds.
4) The command console button appeared in the TV screen with 5 options selection.
5) I Chose the factory reset menu
6) Then it asked me to reboot?
7) When I rebooted, the Kodi screen now appeared.
8) I followed the initial screen dialogue (Next-->) (the usual after you factory reset)
9) I reinstalled my satellite, my rocket ID, my add-ons, etc.