Thnx m.crash for this tutorial

How to set up a favorite list on a Dreamlink T6

It took some playing around in the menu, but since I could not add channel to the favorite using the FAV button on remote, this is what I did.

One way you can set up a favorite list on a T6 is to set up another group

1 - Go to kodi menu
2 - Hit ok on SYSTEM tab.
3 - Go to LIVE TV
4 - Then General tab
5 - Hit the right arrow then down to Channel Manager hit ok
6 - Scroll down to Group Management hit ok
7 - Move over to the far right upper corner to add a group hit ok on add a group type in favorites then hit done.
8 - The new group will display on the left at the bottom of the available group list (favorites )
9 - Hit ok on the favorite tap in the available group list.
10 - Hit the side arrow to the right to the Ungrouped channels scroll though that list and every channel you select will appear in the favorite group , if you selected the wrong channel just move over the the favorites group and press ok on the channel and it will disappear.
11 - When your happy with your list move over to the right side on the screen and hit ok and it will save your list . Exit out
12 - To access the favorite group just hit the SAT button on remote and select favorite ​