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    Dreamlink T6 - Using the Playlist Loader with an M3U Playlist




    See either of the 3 threads linked above, depending what service you are using.

    In this tutorial we will be using a Rocket Generic M3U Playlist.
    The Generic M3U Plus version will also be the same method.

    First thing you have to do is visit or or and log onto your Rocket, or Route or NFPS code using your 16 digit Order number and your 12 digit Donation (iptv66 has a 13 digit donation number)

    Once you are logged on to your code, use the Change MAC function, or Check Routes function that is found there and delete your MAC address seen there
    Do not enter the zeros, just delete the MAC that is there now.
    It may revert to 00:00:00:00:00:00 on it's own after you have deleted it, and that is okay
    But do not enter the zeros, just delete the excisting MAC, or if no MAC entered yet, then that is one step you do not need to do, the Playlists should be already available in that case.

    Once that is done, you will see a Playlist selection, click on that and a drop down menu will appear.
    There are a few different Playlist types available, depending what Device or Application or Players you wanna use. Some are config lists and some are txt lists.

    As an example for this tutorial we will look for an M3U Playlist.
    Scroll down thru that list shown, and choose Generic M3U
    Now you will see an http address appear there just below where your MAC had once been
    Either click the address or copy that address and paste it into your Browsers address bar OR you can highlight the complete address and left click on it and choose .... Open in New Tab.
    Next you will see a hotlink appear, choose Save.
    That Playlist file will now be saved on your PC somewhere, prolly in your Downloads folder or wherever your downloads end up at.
    Transfer it onto your USB drive.

    That's it as far as getting the Playlists.
    You can grab as many as those Playlist versions as you want.

    The Dreamlink T6 being used has been freshly Factory Data Reset and has Kodi v15.0 Insengard installed.
    I also have a wieless mouse attached to this T6 to help make things easier with this install, but you do not nessacarly need the mouse.

    First thing we need is the repository which holds the Playlist Loader addon
    It can be found in the SuperRepo repository.

    On the Kodi bar, open the File Manager found under the SYSTEM option, and then Add Source
    The next menu opened will want the web address

    Then name your reposostitory.
    I named mine --> super_repo

    Then click DONE.

    Exit out to the Kodi bar again (the main screen).

    Then on the Kodi bar, click directly on the SYSTEMS option.
    SYSTEMS >> Addons >> Install from zip file >> super_repo >> Insengard >> repositories >> superrepo >> ALL >>

    Then wait till you see the SuperRepo Addon Enabled message to appear at the bottom right of your screen. Should only take a few seconds.

    Once that is done, go back to Kodi bar
    SYSTEM >> Addons >> Install from repository >> SuperRepo All >> Video Addons >> Playlist Loader >> Install

    Okay now we are ready to go and open that Playlist Loader m3u Player thru your T6 Kodi bar screen (main screen).

    VIDEOS >> Video Addons >> Playlist Loader

    Add a New List and also name your list here.
    The Select Play Source window will appear.
    Select Local list -- select this because we be loading the Playlist thru a Local drive (USB)
    Choose your USB drive shown on the next window, mine shows as sda1
    Click on it and choose your named Playlist.
    Choose List Logo -- select NONE becuase we are not gonna setup the epg in this tutorial.
    Select Channel Logo Source -- select NONE becuase we are not gonna setup the channel logos in this tutorial.

    Then your Playlist will appear. This may take a few seconds to load.
    Click on a channel and that is it ... you are done

    When you see the channel List shown on the screen you can scroll the channel list and click on any channel to get to full screen. To get back to Channel List view, use the Blue button on your remote.
    Be patient with that button. Depress it only once and give it a second or two to let it change to the Channel List view.

    Navagating the menus with the Back buttin and that Blue button can get confusing because the functions do not always give you the same results, depending what your last functions were.
    For instance.. if while viewing full screen and you then use the Blue button to view by Channel List view, and then once on Channel List view the back button is used, you then are taken back to the Player's main menu,, But then if you use the Back button again, the channel will come up full screen view with the Kodi bar visable.
    So if you depress the Back button again, the Kodi bar will dissapperar. BUT now while still in full screen mode, the Blue button will no longer take you to the Channel List view. It will now always take you to the Kodi bar and with the channel playing in the background.
    Sometimes the only way to fix any of this is to exit Kodi altogether and start over. Or while viewing the channel with the Kodi bar visable, simply restart the Playlist Loader Player thru your Video ddons tab...
    So watch how you navigate around with them buttons till you get comfortable with the functions. It can get tricky

    There is no EPG with this method, although some of yous may wanna try to get that working. You would prolly need to use the Generic M3U Plus version of the Playlist and you gotta fix the channel names to proper names and a few other things.
    If you hunt down juan_vale's most recent totorial , you will see how that works (his tutorial is to do with a different type of Player, but the idea is there)

    Other basic Players will work as well. The Simple iptv Player is one.

    I do not think the Xtream_codes method would work on this T6 thou as I beleive the Xtreams_codes needs a higher version of Kodi.
    But maybe someone could confirm that or not.

    You can also now find the Xtream addon on your T6.
    And that is because it also came with the SuperRepo
    SYSTEM >> Addons >> Install frrom repository >> Superrepo All >> Video addons >> Xtream-codes IPTV
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    After I get the message that the Super Repo Addon enables , a second message comes up

    The Audio for Music videos

    Add on is incompatible or has been marked broken in registry
    Would you like to disable it on your system?

    YES NO

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    Quote Originally Posted by starrrrman View Post
    After I get the message that the Super Repo Addon enables , a second message comes up

    The Audio for Music videos

    Add on is incompatible or has been marked broken in registry
    Would you like to disable it on your system?

    YES NO
    so disable it



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