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    Quote Originally Posted by olsts View Post
    Why so complicated?? Why can we link your addon with Ivue creator, but not load and channels. Same story trying to use TV full screen EPG. Is there any EPG guide that can load your channels or channel list(m3u file) without doing it one at a time??
    The reason I m asking is no one is updating the channel xmltv list using simple client, been missing epg data for months. I thought creating my on xmltv list( another great adventure) and your m3u channel with another EPG besides simple client would work.
    IDK which EPG you are saying has been missing data for months but I just checked yahyabell and it shows current as of today's date. Try using viper's url and clearing data for EPG in Simple Client again. I read a while back that one of the users who was providing guides has quit using the service and is not updating any longer, think it was Pach.

    Creating you own guide is not a terribly big adventure. Give it a try and you won't be dependent on anyone.

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    yes i do
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    (*change hxxps to https)
    I Compiled for Generic w/options m3u Playlists from NFPS.
    Channel ID's match Playlist Format.

    euyulio and vipers use different ch ID formats.



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