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I blame Kathy Griffin! LOL.
l love kathy griffin nothing is off the table she is fearless.

when this WannaCry ransomware news hit i finally installed dual boot linux ubuntu on my intel nuc pc running windows 7 machine. not the simple install but the one that requires changing shrinking the windows partitions and creating new ones for ubuntu.

my logic may be faulty but my assumption is the perpetrators always go after the platforms with the most business users which by definition is windows.

initially i though this was a good solution to get myself used to using Linux based distro but to my amazement there is very little to get used to the desk top is very similar to windows the lastest kodi 17.3 runs better than my nvidia shield tv or on the windows 7. the only time i boot into windows is to check for updates to install and get the hell out.

the short of it i recommend switching over to linux it runs everything better and it's free.