Dear users.

In order to improve our service stability and security we had to move some of you to a new portal that already have those updates.

If you are getting the STB blocked message or your playlist stopped working please check if you were moved to a new portal using the donation checker on the link below:
Please use the following form to get all details related to your donation number, do IPTV reset, add / update MAC address and change IPTV portal:

NOTE: This form is not to check your order status
We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause to you and hope you understand that we do our best to provide the best service as possible.

Note: Two more portals have been added. P4 and P5. If you can't connect or change your iptv portal, your url will need to be changed in your stb device also. Always use the donation checker to check which portal you are assigned to.