Now that's nearly two hours of my life I'm not gonna get back!

With cast members of Tom Hanks, Bill Paxton and Emma Watson you think - this could be worth a watch? Oh no!

Mae Holland (Watson) lands a dream job at 'The Circle' a tech company run by Hanks whose premise is to share knowledge and information with a view to making the world a better place!?

It is obvious the Hanks and his back room staff are up to no good from early on in the film, and that good will triumph over evil in the end! It's just the way we get there, the last 90 minutes of the film just ramble on not actually contributing to anything.
I kept thinking "I know where this is going, but there will be a twist or something along in a minute to make me think, WOW!" Sadly no, it just slowly rolls along like a tyre being pushed down a very very gentle slope - you can see where it is going to end up, but takes an age to get there.

One to avoid I'm afraid.