Good morning everyone,

I am very new to IPTV (no experience with IPTV and even anything Android) and I am looking for my first "box" primarily for IPTV. my first option was a MAG (254 or 256). Then I heard about “android Boxes” …. Seems simple install STB emu for IPTV with whatever provider I chose and then perhaps install some interesting apps for whatever purpose weather its live TV, TV shows and movies and other non-TV related apps…

I am now considering a Minix neo u9-h and even a Mi Box 4k

I know they are different… I understand the better performing is the Minix neo u9-h because it apparently has very fast Wi-Fi speed, able to play video or movie files of higher definition (based on different reviews I’ve seen on youtube). It has more USB ports, an Ethernet port

I also read that it has Android 6.0 as oppose to Android TV 6.0 apparently there are “launchers” that can help modify your Android 6.0 to look More like android TV if you chose so.

Is it really worth it to get the Minix neo u9-h over the Mi box 4 k

My concern is that I don’t want to buy something and regret it because it is somewhat limited and not “future proof”

And I don’t want to overspend for features that I may not even see the difference between the 2. (some things are obvious… Ethernet port, more usb ports on the Minix )

I would like to have your opinions?

Once again… for now my use of a box would be in order of priority

1. IPTV (big and main priority)
2. Viewing media files, Accessing and my own media files such as my own videos, pictures, actual movies and videos.… weather using a USB or access via my own network… shared folders and all… that I can eventually configure.
3. TV shows/movies. APKs and non apk apps.