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Thread: MAG 256 Issues

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    MAG 256 Issues

    Hi Guys

    Just wondered if anyone could offer any help on the issue I am having with my Mag 256 Box. I've posted an image with the issue.
    The box runs perfectly at my friend, who uses BT internet but won't run on my Virgin internet. I've removed Websafe but still can't get the IPTV to load up.
    Any help would be really appreciated.

    Thank you in advance.

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    What IPTV service are you using? We only support the ones SOLD here.

    If you're using the one sold here, you might need to do a "MAC reset". There are tons of posts/threads detailing how to do this.

    You're probably locked to the IP address of your friends house.

    Make sure network settings are set properly for YOUR network.

    BT internet? Bluetooth? If you can't access any firewall rules/port forward rules, etc, then I think you're screwed as the ISP likely has this all pre setup. Depending on the ISP, you might not be able to change anything.

    You can always try searching Google for "stalker virgin" or something like that. Or "MAG254 virgin". Hopefully you can find something.

    Unfortunately, with the lack of diagnostic info provided, there's no way for anyone to help fix this unless they were in the same boat. There are a LOT of variables.

    Sorry I can't be of more help!



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