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    How to watch IPTV ?

    Hello Guys. I am from London and this is my 1st post here. I am very new to IP TV Service.

    I want to learn little more about IPTV. I have a nvidia shield tv, Samsung Smart TV and a minix neo-h.

    Currently I have a IPTV subscription for a month and I am watching it using the android app iptv on my android box (Nvidia shield) .

    What I am trying to understand is How can I watch and change the channels like normal TV like feature where I can change the channels by pressing the channel number directly on the remote.

    do I have to buy any other box (like MAG 254) or can I achieve this using my current set up ?

    Also which is the best ip tv service for UK and Indian TV channels ?


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    I have a CSA93Q3 box which will work whenever I press the numbers on the remote that came with this box. Note, I would turn off all internet connections that your Smart Tv uses so it cannot connect to the internet. I would then change to the minix neo-h box all boxes use different software, different android OS systems. Nvidia has moved to Nougat and I found it limits control or settings that you can access. The Minix is one box I have no experience with but I would use it since it probably uses Marshmallow 6.01 which provides more in the way of accessing and changing settings. You didn't mention which remote you were using, TV remote, Nvidia remote, Harmony remote or ? Not sure which IPTV service you have but some will not allow you to change boxes after they have set up your box as they activate it remotely. Sorry for the long winded explanation but please note channel changing with the number pad works best when you are viewing in full screen mode so you don't see the channel list or settings list.

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    I have an nvidia shield and I loaded the potato addon and I watch it from is the link on how
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