We believe the future for our users is IPTV and we have invested heavily in both dollars and man hours to create a NEW IPTV SERVICE that is very close to being launched as a full service. Our recommendation to our users is to obtain an IPTV receiver as soon as possible. Our IPTV forums have a tremendous amount of information available on receivers in order to help you decide on which box is right for you. We understand that this is an investment into yet another receiver, however those who have spent years involved in this game fully understand that this is just how it is. Those who have a problem understanding that and accepting change probably should not be here anyway.

NFPS is going to help those users acquire their IPTV receivers by assuming part of the economic burden in the following manner.

All CURRENT ACTIVATED DONATIONS will be able to use the IPTV service AT NO EXTRA COST until the donation expires. All donations that are purchased prior to the free trial portal closing will be eligible and remain valid for the IPTV service.

For a period of 90 days following the end of the Free Trial (July 15th) and the shut down of that portal users will be able to renew or Purchase IPTV + Free IKS donations using the following price structure.

1 Donation $ 80.00

2 Donations $ 150.00

3 Donations $ 210.00

4 Donations $ 260.00

5 Donations $ 300.00

6 Donations $ 330.00

7 Donations $ 350.00

8 Donations $ 370.00

After the 90 day time-frame, due to increased costs in developing and maintaining the new IPTV service the prices for IPTV will change as per the following schedule:

1 Donation $ 105.00

2 Donations $ 190.00

3 Donations $ 270.00

4 Donations $ 340.00

5 Donations $ 400.00

6 Donations $ 450.00

7 Donations $ 490.00

8 Donations $ 520.00

During this 90 day period from the date the IPTV comes online we expect to finish the channel line-up and have the EPG fully incorporated. The channel line-up is to include the complete programming for Charlie including Fox Sportnet from several cities. In addition we will be adding some of Beverly channels like TSN and others. We are currently attempting to add some of the international channels from Charlie but we cannot guarantee those at this time.

Many of you are relatively new to NFPS and many have been with us for many years. Those that have been with us over the years understand that change is inevitable and we sincerely hope that NFPS with the new IPTV service will be able to provide all of you with your entertainment needs for many years to come.

IMPORTANT: Only those MAC Addresses linked to an ACTIVE donation number are going to be able to connect to the IPTV portal. To link a MAC Address to your donation number read the following instructions:


If you don't have a donation number, go ahead and place your order at our website:


********************Date of end of the Free trial is July 15th********************

Thank you for your patronage,

NFPS Staff.