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    IPTV setup for Dreamlink Android Smart TV Box

    This is what worked for me...
    The emulator works on any android device. Download is in post 3. mxplayer or vlc player is available through google play and many other app places. Discussion thread is here ::


    For testing purposes, use at your own risk

    I used this file for vasilchmax, I couldn't download it from google so found it and loaded it via usb.

    Download it from below.
    Extract it and put it on an usb drive.
    Plug it into your dreamlink android
    Go to "My Apps" from the main page
    Choose App Installer".
    Scroll down to your usb and select it
    Scroll down and select STB Emulator
    Select Install

    After it installs I selected open and started the app.
    Once the app loaded you're looking at basically the mag menu.
    No need to worry about anything with that now.

    Hit the cursor button on your remote
    Using the cursor, scroll up to the top of your screen where nothing is.
    click twice or go all the way up and you'll see options at the right.
    First one looks like 3 slide bars, click it for settings

    In profiles I selected add profile
    Name the profile
    Change the stb model to mag250
    Select portal settings

    In portal settings you put the server name.
    Exit back out one

    Change the last three sets of your mac address. Leave the first 3 sets of digits there because it designates what type of receiver it is.
    I used the mac from the bottom of my receiver but it can be anything right now
    Change the serial number to something else, maybe what is under your receiver
    Changed my ip to within my ip range.

    Exited out.

    At the main page I hit the menu button and selected exit to exit the app
    Started the app again and hit the menu again to made sure my profile was selected
    Then selected internal player for media player which made it reboot.
    It loaded into the portal and worked after the reboot

    I see mention in the forum that some need another media player installed.
    If you have problems with video, try loading MX video player too.

    After I got mine working I deleted the app and started the install from scratch to write these steps. I do not know if this will still work when the trial is over.

    Good luck

    After playing with mine some I started getting some glitching and artifacts.
    To fix that I exited out of the movie and pressed menu on the remote.
    Then I selected external player.
    Menu came up for what program to use, selected mxplayer, and allowed it to reboot.
    After that the progress bar was gone and so far the video is playing better.

    Also, do not scroll over to settings in the menus to try to change anything, it will just lock it up.
    Shows message about Emulator core initialization failed.
    You'll need to press menu on your remote again and exit out again if you do.
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    So now that you have it working, lets move the icon for it to where you can load it easier

    On the desktop or main icon page, go down to where th plus + is and select it.
    Scroll down to where you see STB Emulator and select it. It will now show a checkmark.
    Hit the back button and exit out and you'll see the shortcut icon at the bottom.

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    IPTV Set-Top-Box Emulator
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