What is IPTV?
BY AVOV Technology

IPTV (Internet Protocol TV) is the conveyance of programming by feature stream encoded as a progression of IP parcels. IPTV is circulated by an administration supplier and can be free or expense based and can convey either live TV or put away feature. It can be packaged with other Internet Protocol administrations, including VoIP and rapid Internet access.
In conventional TV conveyance, all writing computer programs is show all the while. The accessible system signs stream downstream and the viewer chooses which program he needs to watch by changing the channel.
IPTV, by difference, sends stand out system at once. Substance stays on the administration supplier’s system and just the project the client chooses is sent to the home. At the point when a viewer changes the channel, another stream is transmitted from the supplier’s server straightforwardly to the viewer. Like HQ TV, IPTV obliges a set-top box.
IPTV fundamentally uses multicasting with Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP) rendition 2 for live TV shows and Real Time Streaming Protocol for on-interest projects. Perfect feature pressure measures incorporate H.264, Windows Media Video 9 and VC1,DivX, XviD, Ogg Theora and the MPEG-2 and -4.
IPTV rivals another conveyance model known, fairly confusingly, as iTV (Internet TV). In the iTV conveyance model, substance is ordinarily appropriated through a site.