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    Try this when it locks up

    Manual Factory Data Reset.
    1) Make sure the box is connected to the TV by HDMI or RCA
    2) Make sure the power is plugged out of the box
    3) Push and hold the reset button with the pin for 10 seconds
    4) Continue to hold it down and plug the power into the box
    5) Hold the reset button for at least another 5 seconds and then let go
    6) Proceed to wait for a bit while the box resets, it should open up again in console mode
    7) Select the factory data reset option
    8) The box will perform a factory data reset and reboot
    9) It should then boot normally and start working. If it boots into the console mode again, make sure to just select perform normal boot up (I believe it is the first option)

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    yes i do
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    yes i have the same trouble. no luck with a fix. sent back to avov.


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